We Are Born With Only Two Fears by Dr. Eddie Hall

Man Falling from Mountain

We Are Born With Only Two Fears

1. The fear of falling
2. The fear of loud noises

Everything else is programmed into us. How we think is a direct result of the programming we have put (allowed) in our mind. In computer programming, there is an acronym called G.I.G.O. It stands for Garbage In Garbage Out. Whatever you program a computer to do, it can only process the information given to calculate the appropriate outcome. 
If the information going in is garbage, guess what the outcome will be?

A Computer Analogy

It’s simple to understand and think about when we talk about a computer isn’t it? However, most people have no clue that it works the same with our brains. How we respond to circumstances is a direct reflection of the programming in our noggins.

Being a former college athlete and now treating many athletes of all different ages and sports it’s easier to understand just how much our mental determines the outcomes of winning or losing, as does the physical. Think about the professional athletes no matter what sport they have a physical gift that cannot be coached and it’s pretty even across the board. They are ALL physically gifted. The difference between those that becomes champions or win medals and those that don’t are the six inches between their ears. How they “think” is the difference between a gold medal and not making the cut. To create that, they are consciously infused with daily (over) doses of positive affirmations, images, visualization, psychological training, audio and video programming, and surrounding themselves with like-minded individuals who support them accomplishing their goals.

What’s this got to do with me?

What’s this got to do with me?” you might ask. EVERYTHING. You don’t have to have the physical gifts of an Olympian to think like one. All we have to do is give ourselves daily (over) doses of positive input to counterbalance the negative programming we get just by being alive! It comes from most of the people around us, what we read, watch and listen to.
• People – It’s been said that people can be put in one of three categories:
Those that can help us – They talk about concepts and ideas…always looking to support, nurture and bring out our best.
Those that can hurt us – They talk about other people…usually belittling, condescending, negative and whining about
Those that really don’t matter – They talk about things and stuff that has got nothing to do with anything productive.
• Read – Most people stop reading to learn the moment they exit the doors of a learning institution. Leaders are
• Watch/Listen – If our daily input does not include educational, inspirational or motivational programming…G.I.G.O.!
If we’re not getting what we want out of life, everything seems to be an emergency and we feel stressed, overwhelmed and unproductive; all we need is a checkup from the neck up to reprogram our stinkin’ thinkin’!


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– Dr. E

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