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Key Dietary and Lifestyle Strategies for a Healthier New Year

By Dr. Jay LaGuardia | 01/30/2023

The New Year brings with it new ideas about how we can improve our life and health. Often time finding…


The Key to Mastering Deep Fulfillment

By Dr. Jay LaGuardia | 01/23/2023

Do you experience self-doubt? What you may not know is self-doubt can be a valuable feedback tool that can help…


Life Lessons I learned Last Year to Live By

By Dr. Jay LaGuardia | 01/16/2023

A trait most successful people share is reviewing what went right and what went wrong. The perfect time to evaluate…


How to Build Your Wealth Safely and Predictably Like Billionaires

By Dr. Jay LaGuardia | 01/09/2023

During times like now when there are signs of significant financial headwinds in the economy, many are asking, how can…


7 Reasons People Fail to Achieve Their Goals

By Dr. Jay LaGuardia | 01/02/2023

As we embark on a New Year the ritual of goal setting takes center stage. As a regular listener of…


My 1 Wish for You This Christmas & Holiday Season

By Dr. Jay LaGuardia | 12/26/2022

I have one simple wish for all of TriplePnation this Christmas and holiday season. The fact is anyone can achieve…


Food & Wine to Enhance Your Holiday Experience

By Dr. Jay LaGuardia | 12/19/2022

Wine has been a big part of holiday celebrations and traditions for many centuries. The successful pairing of wine and…


What’s the Cause of Long COVID & Can You Get It from The Shot?

By Dr. Jay LaGuardia | 12/12/2022

There has been very little discussion in the popular media about long COVID. Long COVID refers to symptoms that persist…


One Simple Way to Promote a Great Night’s Sleep

By Dr. Jay LaGuardia | 12/05/2022

Most people understand how important sleep is to experience more energy, focus, productivity and overall better health. But what most…


7 Strategies to Help Prepare for Rough Economic Times Ahead

By Dr. Jay LaGuardia | 11/28/2022

Creating financial freedom and security begins by having the right mindset. We can have the best financial strategies however if…


3 Brain Foods That Can Dramatically Reduce Your Risk of Alzheimers

By Dr. Jay LaGuardia | 11/21/2022

Today more than 6 million people live with Alzheimer’s while affecting millions more who care for them. That number is…


How Cold Plunging is Dramatically Improving Health & Performance

By Dr. Jay LaGuardia | 11/14/2022

There have been many new scientific breakthroughs recently on therapies that can enhance athletic performance and overall health. This week…


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