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Dr. Jay LaGuardia is a health and wellness expert, entrepreneur, consultant and Amazon best selling author. This website reflects his action steps and strategies to help you overcome the challenges that may hold you back from achieving a life full of health, wealth and happiness.
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28 Laws of Attractability With Dr. Janice Hughes

March 11, 2019

We are constantly having a dialogue with ourselves. Unfortunately most of our thoughts are negative and disempowering. As a result no matter how hard we try to make improvements in our lives we rarely see the results we desire. Why? Well, this week’s episode we discuss the 28 Laws of Attractability and how once learned,…

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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Entrepreneurialship (Part 2)

March 4, 2019

This is part 2 of my interview with entrepreneurial expert Ben Zugay. We explore the mindset entrepreneurs need to adopt to experience success in their business. Also, how to overcome the most common struggles business owners deal with on a daily basis. And how to scale your business to become a top 5% company in…

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"Our company has 10 locations with 15 DC’s, and we began consulting with Dr. LaGuardia last year.  The results have been a great success!  Our every other week online meetings with Dr. LaGuardia provided insight that led to improvements in our patient communication, workflow, and patient care.  Everyone involved found the process and exercises helpful not only in our chiropractic business, but all aspects of our lives as well.  What he taught helped us work on who we are, so we can be better at what we do.  Thanks Dr. LaGuardia!"
~ Dave


It's amazing how people come into your your life at the right time without you even knowing it. Working with Jay has been a blessing to my personal and business life. Jay listens with compassion and purpose and coaches from experience on all aspects of life and while you can't put a price on personal happiness the value he's brought to me and my business is well worth the investment.
~ Justin Zoromski


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About Dr. Jay LaGuardia

Jay LaGuardia DC, CCWP, has been a lifelong learner
in the fields of physical fitness, nutrition, wellness,
neurology, neuroscience, brain function,
and the habits of success.