Stealing Your Way To Success by WJ Vincent II

Stealing Your Way To Success

Is It Legal?

I know what most of you are thinking right now…how can you steal your way to success and not get in trouble, break the law, or otherwise compromise a number of moral and ethical principals? Let me start by sharing with you some tidbits from famous stories for perspective. One of the most famous artists of all time, has an equally famous quote….“Good artists copy, great artists steal” — Pablo Picasso

What exactly did Picasso mean? How can we take that lesson, use it properly, and become great ourselves?

We Don’t Mean Stealing Intellectual Property

Perhaps we should have led with that line…to make it clear we are NOT condoning, or talking about actual theft of intellectual property or anything even remotely like that. However, Picasso makes a great point, and one worth digging into deeper. Good artists copy….isn’t that pretty much a given? Most people’s art abilities are really just drawing, painting, or recreating something they see, exactly as they see it. A mountain, a pet, a person, great artists take the exact same subject, and somehow make it their own. Picasso himself had a very distinct and personal style, so famous did his style become, that even people who know next to nothing about art, can recognize what is most likely a Picasso by its style alone. A Good artist can only take what Picasso did and try to reproduce an exact “copy”…but a great artist can look at what Picasso did, take something from it, and work it into their own style or vision.

What We Really Should be Stealing is Knowledge

Successful people have been stealing knowledge from other successful people for years. Michael Jordan didn’t invent the slam dunk, for example, but he took what Dr. J (the basketball player, not our great coach Dr. Jay LaGuardia) had done before him, and created an entirely new style of dunk. Jordan’s “style” became so famous it launched an entire clothing and sneaker line called “Jumpman”.

Apple did not create tablet computing. Toshiba and other companies had manufactured tablet devices almost a decade earlier. What Apple’s iPad team did, was take the concept of tablet computing and turn it into almost a work of art with its beautiful, sleek, yet simple design concepts, usability, and power.

Google was not the first company to create a search engine. In fact, Google was very late to the game 5 years late to be more exact, something like 20 different companies had already launched and developed search engines prior to their arrival. Yet Google somehow created a simple, effective, easy to use interface, that produced more and more accurate results. As the word spread about how much easier and better their search engine was, they grew. As they grew they continued to invest in improving their search until they dominated the world market.

We can find example after example like this in both business and in life. Intelligent people learn from experience, wise people learn from the experiences of others.

We prefer the Term “Borrow”

Dr. Jay and TriplePLife encourages people all across the world to take what we teach, apply it to their business and lives, and make the knowledge we share your own. If you follow the principals, techniques, and strategies that we teach long enough, and strong enough, you can get results better than you have ever had before. If you take the knowledge and truly make it a part of who you are, you can have more success and happiness than you could ever have possibly imagined.

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Copying people who have already done what you want to do, borrowing ideas from people who have figured things out, applying the strategies of people who have already achieved great levels of success is not only an okay thing to do, it is by far the best and shortest path to success!

Imagine if any of us could just use a GPS…like the one in our cars, or phones, plug in the address to the life we have always dreamed of, and then we would receive step by step instructions of how to get that life? Would we be smart enough and disciplined enough to follow the instructions?

The information necessary to build a better business, and life is shared through TriplePLife, Dr. Jay, the PowerPassionProsperity Podcast, every day. Once a year, we spend an entire Saturday working with a small group of people to help them to learn exactly what they need to do, in order to get everything they have ever wanted out of their business and life, we hope to see you there. In the meantime, keep stealing…errr “borrowing” the knowledge we share with you, and if you start applying that knowledge, before you know it, you will be living the life you have always dreamed of!

Here’s to Empowering your dreams, Igniting Your Passion, and Accelerating Your Prosperity!


WJ Vincent II


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About the author, WJ

WJ Vincent II is a life long entrepreneur who has been building businesses from start-up to success for almost 30 years. Some of those businesses have been as diverse as lake-shore development in northern Wisconsin and Minnesota, day trading, advertising, telecommunications, internet, health and nutrition, as well as environmental products.