An Introduction

This PPP podcast has been created to inform, entertain and inspire you, so you can grow in knowledge and self-confidence to help motivate you to take the right actions to get your TriplePLife. PPP will Empower Dreams, Ignite Passion, Accelerate Prosperity.
What is the TriplePLife? It is when we are learning and growing in our health and fitness, while implementing the principles of a success mindset to attract great abundance and prosperity into our lives.
PPP will Empower Dreams, Ignite Passion, Accelerate Prosperity.

Dr. Jay LaGuardia Recording Live

Dr. Jay LaGuardia mid recording in his studio.

Note: Dr. Jay LaGuardia records most of his material from a studio located in West-Central Wisconsin.

Welcome to the home of PowerPassionProsperity.Com soon to be known worldwide as the origination point of "The Triple P Life".


This website will help you in a variety of ways, within your business and your life.

  • Learn how to maximize your health, fitness and energy
  • Create better relationships both personally and professionally
  • Learn the 8 habits of success and how they can transform your life
  • Understand the importance of adopting the 8 habits of success
  • Find out what it takes to grow your business
  • Learn everything you need to have more power, passion and prosperity in your life

Let's pursue your TriplePlife together