The Chiropractor Assistant Program (CAPro)

Tired of high turnover in your office?  Ever find yourself emotionally and physically drained constantly having to rebuild and reteach your staff? Is it frustrating to see your overhead go up, while your revenue stays the same? Why not let our program which has developed hundreds of successful chiropractic assistants and staff free Up More Of Your Time while Making you More Money?

Consider enrolling your office into the Chiropractic Assistant Program by TriplePLife. Your office will be properly trained in all the important areas to help reduce turnover and increase revenue. Some of these areas are:

  • Eliminating a Lack of Structure & Organization
  • Reducing High Turn-Over
  • Attracting Quality People
  • Getting a team together to back your purpose
  • Philosophy - lack of training
  • Reducing Time it takes to train
  • Removing Uncertainty in Patient Communication
  • Adding Team Members to an Established Team
  • Onboarding