Coaching With Dr. Jay LaGuardia

Dr. Jay LaGuardia On His Laptop

Dr. Jay LaGuardia has spent many years coaching other business owners, chiropractors, consultants, trainers, coaches, sales people, managers, executives, artists, athletes, and so many more to maximize their success.  Right now there are three types of coaching sessions available to schedule with Dr. Jay LaGuardia.  Each of those is described below and includes a link so you can schedule a spot right away.  His schedule fills up quickly, and changes often.  Helping others to achieve their best life is one of Dr. Jay LaGuardia’s biggest life goals.  Let him help you get on the right path, find the right path, or improve your progress on your life path today!


15 Minute Free Introduction (Prospective Clients)
Dr. Jay LaGuardia does his best to get to know everyone that becomes a part of the TriplePLife Community. For a limited time new subscribers to the Power Passion Prosperity Podcast and/or the PowerPassionProsperity website can schedule a free introduction meeting with Dr. Jay LaGuardia. As our community continues to grow, there is only so much time in the day. At some point there will simply not be enough time for him to meet everyone. So book a time slot today and meet Dr. Jay LaGuardia a world renowned success coach, entrepreneur, and more.


30 Minute One to One Coaching Session (Existing Clients)
This is one of the core ways Dr. Jay LaGuardia can begin to help you in your business and life.  During this 30 minutes Dr. Jay LaGuardia will be focused on only you.  Together you will put together a plan of action, determine and set appropriate goals, and review your progress to make any necessary adjustments.  Corporations, small businesses, and leaders from all over the world pay thousands of dollars for group time with Dr. Jay LaGuardia.  This is an unprecedented opportunity to get personal time with one of the world’s foremost experts at maximizing success on any level.


60 Minute Podcast Interview Session (Invitation Only)
Dr. Jay LaGuardia hosts one of the fastest growing podcasts in the world today.  Some of the most successful, famous, innovative, and world renowned experts join him for this powerful weekly broadcast.  In order to be a guest on the show there are certain technical requirements that must be met, and an interview time must be scheduled.  If you have been invited to be a guest on the show, click the link below to book the best time for you to be interviewed by Dr. Jay LaGuardia.