The Associate Mentor Program (A.M.P.)

Tired of hiring associates that struggle to achieve their potential? Ever find yourself emotionally and physically drained trying to figure out what to teach your associates? Is it frustrating to see your overhead go up, while your revenue stays the same? Why not let our program which has developed over 100 successful associates free Up More Of Your Time while Making you More Money?

Consider enrolling your associates into the Associate Mentor Program by TriplePLife. Your associates will be properly trained in the 7 key practice areas. These areas are:

- Success Mindset

- Dynamic Leadership

- Building A Success Plan

- Developing Winning Teams

- Systems and Processes

- Marketing And Sales

- Maximizing Profits



Here is What Your Associate Will Be Learning

- Developing and Building A Success Mindset
- Developing Leadership Qualities
- Building A Success Plan Based On the Clinic's Goals and Objectives
- How To Successfully Market
- How To Effectively Close To Increase Retention and Revenue
- Acquire Strategies To Maximize Revenue and Profits
- Refine Skills To Improve Overall Clinical Competency
- How To Do An Effective Consult
- How To Properly Present A Results Of Tests
- How To Present and Close Financial Plans
- How To Deliver a Proper Results Of Test 2 that will increase referrals while maximizing retention
- How To Communicate and Build Great Relationships

Think Of It Like This...

If we can help your associates close just 2 more cases a year, the course pays for itself...what if they sold 2 more cases a month...or even 2 more cases a week?

Why Not Figure Out...

In a few months whether or not this associate is right for your practice? Because with our training program, the only people who don't become successful are not motivated, aren't willing to learn, or just don't care.

30 Day Moneyback Guarantee

Save Time & Energy

If we can't get these associates to be successful, we saved you time and energy finding out they were the wrong fit for your business!