Associate Mentor Program (A.M.P.)

For only $397/month with a 30 day money back guarantee the first month.

Your associates will be properly trained in the 7 key practice areas. These areas are:

– Success Mindset

– Dynamic Leadership

– Building A Success Plan

– Developing Winning Teams

– Systems and Processes

– Marketing And Sales

– Maximizing Profits

Here is What Your Associate Will Be Learning

– Developing and Building A Success Mindset
– Developing Leadership Qualities
– Building A Success Plan Based On the Clinic’s Goals and Objectives
– How To Successfully Market
– How To Effectively Close To Increase Retention and Revenue
– Acquire Strategies To Maximize Revenue and Profits
– Refine Skills To Improve Overall Clinical Competency
– How To Do An Effective Consult
– How To Properly Present A Results Of Tests
– How To Present and Close Financial Plans
– How To Deliver a Proper Results Of Test 2 that will increase referrals while maximizing retention

– How To Communicate and Build Great Relationships


You can cancel at anytime with 30 Days Notice, however our experience has shown that a minimum commitment of 6 to 12 months produces the best results.