Chiropractor Assistant Program

For only $497/month (On Sale Now for Only $297/month) with a 30 day money back guarantee the first month.

Your office team and personnel will be properly trained in the 7 key practice areas. These areas are:

– Success Mindset, Dynamic Leadership, Building A Success Plan, Developing Winning Teams, Systems and Processes, Marketing And Sales, and Maximizing Profits

Here is Some of What Your Assistant & Staff  Will Be Learning

  • Clinic Evaluation
    • Video Walk Through of Clinic Space –
      • What do patients see when they come into your practice? Is it cluttered & disorganized or does everything have a place?  Is there a warm smile at your front desk or a face hidden by a screen?  Are your exam & adjusting spaces cluttered & disorganized? How does your office flow?   How can you create a welcoming space throughout for a superb patient experience from entrance to exit.
    • Team Introductions
      • Name
      • Role – Position Agreements
        • Position in the Clinic. Are these roles clearly defined?  Is that a point you need help organizing? Are Position Agreements in place so expectations are known and desired outcomes are measurable for review purposes.
      • Strengths
        • We want to know what your team members excel in to create a customized training and mentoring space. We won’t spend long sessions on what is already great… we’ll see how we can make it better or leave it as is, if it’s not broke, why fix it?
      • Seeking Improvement
        • Are some of your employees stuck? Where do they need improvement and where would you see the greatest benefit of training.  We will work together on how to improve weak areas and possibly rearrange clinic roles if necessary.
      • Outcome Expectations for Training
        • What are your specific goals for training? We want this to be customized to your office.
      • Core Values – Clinic “Why” – Mission Statements
        • Knowing your clinic “Why” – Why do you get up and come into work every day… what is your purpose? Is that communicated to your team?  Do you need to come up with that together?  It is so important that the entire team is on purpose.  If one person is mechanistic and communicating that to patients, but someone else wants to be vitalistic, you’re communicating in completely different languages. Patients will be confused and retention will be virtually impossible.   We need to bring your team together to understand the common, unique purpose of your office.  We come to this by examining your values that are most important to you and coming up with a clinic mission statement.
        • If you don’t know your Core Values or Core Beliefs of your office, we will help you identify these, create your Mission Statement, and your clinic education will be based off of that.
      • Goal Setting
        • Setting goals personally and professionally will help your team function better together. When you know the outcome you are all seeking, you can go toward it together.  In addition, working on personal goal setting within your office helps your staff outside of the office.  If your team is living their best life outside of your office, they’ll bring their best to the office.  It’s a win-win for everyone!
      • Personality Type Training – Helping Teams Work Better Together
        • Have you ever had a conversation with a colleague, felt like you speaking very naturally and matter-of-fact and they took it completely the wrong way? Perhaps you’ve asked for someone to do something for you and they ignored you or completed the task the wrong way.  This is why you need to understand personality types.  Speaking to one person in the same way you do to someone else can be interpreted 100% the wrong way.  Once you delve into your team’s personality types, communication becomes stronger and you can serve your patients better!
      • Personality Type Training – Communication with Patients
        • No two Report of Findings are the same. Sally needs to tell you her whole life story again, while Bill wants you to cut to the chase and tell him how much it will cost, then there’s Sam who needs you to go back over every single detail twice…  Studying all personality types will help your patient communication.  Having your whole office have an overview of personality types and how best to communicate with them will add the the experience you want to provide your patients with in your office.  Seamless and easy.
      • Top-Notch Customer Service
        • It’s the little things. Customer Service is what it’s all about.  How to make your office a place people love coming and love to talk about.  It’s all in the customer service from entrance to exit.
      • Insurance Billing and Coding
        • How to’s and why’s – if you’re getting denials and can’t figure it out. Appeal help.  Converting out of Insurance to Cash.  Understanding the rules & making a compliant practice.
      • Financial Consultations
        • Everyone loves to talk about money! Wouldn’t it be great if that were true?  This will help doctors and CAs comfortable communicating financial arrangements and ensuring you get paid for the services you provide.
      • Asking for Referrals
        • The best referrals come from your favorite patients. We can explore different ways to ask for referrals and how your staff can turn almost any conversation into asking for a referral!
      • Recruiting, Hiring, and Training (Onboarding)
        • Identifying & attracting candidates with common core values
        • Identifying & attracting candidates with common beliefs
        • Identifying & attracting candidates with an energy that fits your office
        • We help with the process of attaining these candidates, interviewing processes, and onboarding that works for your office.
        • We help create Position Agreements that outline what each role is in your office so each hire you make has clear expectations for job role and measurable outcomes that are reviewed regularly.

Additional Offerings:

  • Office Organization
    • In-office help with organization, flow, and making it seamless for patients
  • Office Structure & Office Procedure
    • Whether you’re just starting out or have been in practice for years, create a legacy by structuring your clinic so anyone that walks in knows who does what and how things work.
  • Office Policies
    • Have clear policies for your patients so they know what to expect and are completely comfortable in your office. This will lessen surprises and patient upsets.
  • Employee Handbooks
    • Making it clear to your employees what is expected of them. From HIPPA policies to appropriate attire in the office, day off policies to vacation allowances.  Have it all in one place in writing so there is no question from the beginning.
  • Employee Training Guides
    • Training guides help take the pressure off of on-boarding. All of the materials can be combined into one space so when you do have to on-board, it’s not a stressful day to day wondering what you’re going to go over with them next.
  • Social Media & Marketing Ideas
    • How to engage your patients in the office and online to make them a part of your community – Ideas & tips


You can cancel at anytime with 30 Days Notice, however our experience has shown that a minimum commitment of 6 to 12 months produces the best results.