TriplePLife Owner/Doc Coaching – Weekly

For only $1050/month (For Credit Card) $997/month with Auto Debit From Checking

You will be coached weekly by Dr. Jay LaGuardia, Dr. Eddie Hall, or one of their Certified Owner/Doc Coaches. Unlike most coaching or consultant programs, where they try to get you to do what “they” did….TriplePLife Coaching first focuses on analyzing your existing business in order to determine accurately your “True” starting point. They then work with you to figure out exactly what your goals and aspirations are specifically. Whether that is to have more free time, make more money, open more offices, or any number of goals either personal or professional. Dr. Jay & his Coaches then work with you to create the type of plan, action steps, strategies, techniques, and tactics necessary to achieve your own goals. Utilizing the Chiropractor Mastery System, which is continuously refined, adapted, and improved, they help you to grow within the 7 pillars:

– Success Mindset

– Dynamic Leadership

– Building A Success Plan

– Developing Winning Teams

– Systems and Processes

– Marketing And Sales

– Maximizing Profits


You can cancel at anytime with 30 Days Written Notice (Email, Postal Mail, or Fax Only No Texting), however our experience has shown that a minimum commitment of 12 months produces better results, and often our best clients work with Dr. Jay for years.