5 Ways To Beat The Coronavirus by Dr. Eddie Hall

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5 Ways To Beat The Coronavirus

After the last week of hearing the panic over the coronavirus I thought it was time to write a blog expressing why everyone should “CALM” down, and share some ways to protect your body from contracting not only coronavirus, but all viruses. I was bombarded with questions from patients during the last week as well saying doc what should I do to defend myself from contracting this. What is ironic to me during this news frenzy is they fail to show the fact that while it is sad that around 3,000 deaths have been noted worldwide; last year alone obesity killed more than 300,000 people. So why so much worry about this “new” virus and almost no discussion about the obesity epidemic in the United States? Well it probably wouldn’t get as many views or clicks for one, and just like obesity, preventing ourselves from contracting a virus follows many of the same simple lifestyle hacks.

1. Decrease/Avoid Sugar & Carbs

Just like cancers, viruses LOVE being fed sugar. Sugar depletes your body from minerals and nutrients that are critical in keeping your immune system up with enough ability to fight off a harm to our bodies. Sugar feeds parasites in your body which lead to abnormal tissue and cancerous growth. To name a few of the most important that are affected by sugar intake are vitamin C, zinc, and glutathione; all which are very powerful antioxidants the body uses to rid the body of harmful toxins.

There is a huge link between sugar, vitamin C, and immune function which was discovered back in the 1970s. This research by Dr. John Ely found that sugar and vitamin C have a VERY similar chemical make-up. So when you eat that sugar it spikes a hormone from the pancreas called insulin, and the signaling begins to get into your cells. Leaving vitamin C and sugar competing for the same sites in your immune system. The unfortunate part is vitamin C isn’t very good at competition and loses out to sugar restricting the vitamin C needed in your cells to detoxify and boost your immune system. Vitamin C therefore cannot do its job at handling oxidative stress needed to fight pathogens that your body is in contact with each and every day (i.e. viruses, bacteria, and other organisms that attack your body). In turn you’re at risk to contracting illnesses and diseases.

Take your Vitamin C daily 2 grams as maintenance dose, and increase to 3-4 grams, 2-4 times a day when feeling under the weather.

Zinc should be taken if you are sick every 2 ours until you feel better.

2. Get enough sleep

The science shows us that for our bodies to fully function at peak health we need 8 hours of sleep. The National sleep foundation found that 40 percent of Americans get 6 hours or less a night and 58% of teens. Sleep is an essential nutrient as it allows your body to rest, repair, and recover. Consistent sleep deprivation will lead to fatigue, reduced immune response, and increased inflammation to name a few.

While we sleep our body goes through an internal transformation. Sleep will detoxify the cells of our body and brain via the lymphatic system and transference of cerebral spinal fluid to “clean up” the damage that has been done. Detoxifying metabolic waste, rebuilding neurons and their connections, resetting the balance of neurotransmitters, and improving receptor site sensitivity.

3. Drink “clean” water and plenty of it

The average recommendation here is half of your body weight in ounces since your body is made up of 80% water, and 90% of your nervous system is made from water. Drinking proper amounts of water is critical for all organ function, immune system, circulation, and nervous system function. You can research your areas municipality and see their water testing results which will always show you high amounts of chlorine, arsenic, fluoride, and heavy metals; all of which are very harmful to our bodies destroying the immune systems ability to function. Drinking clean water from a reverse osmosis system is what we use in our house and has been shown to completely clean any water of those terrible toxins. Just to give you an idea the last time I checked ours there was trace amounts of 34 different pharmaceutical drugs found in the city drinking water.

4. Get outdoors

Our ancestors the healthiest people in the history of mankind spent the majority of their lives outdoors, and this is a big reason why they were so healthy, not dying of chronic diseases and illnesses. Americans now spend 90% of their day inside; going to jobs and schools indoors, shopping indoor or online from the couch, attending indoor events, etc. We have this problem as well due to the terrible winters we experience in the Midwest, or other weather conditions that are too severe to be outside. Robbing the body of essential nutrients vitamin D from the sun, fresh air, and electrons from the ground; and also increasing exposure to indoor pollutants.

Supplementing with vitamin D is easy cheap and of the utmost importance.

5. Keep stress low

Keeping stress down is easier said than done for most, but you cannot be angry or upset and be living in an attitude of gratitude. Writing down 3 things you are thankful for to start the day, and reviewing them throughout the day is a great way to keep stress at bay. Meditation to slow your mind helps focus on happiness along with helping your bodies cells and organs to work perfectly to safeguard you against any harm. Saying daily affirmations to reaffirm all the good things about yourself, and your life makes a big difference. Rid your circle of toxic negative people that drag down your mood and drive stress. Workout regularly for your brain to release the “feel good hormones” dopamine and serotonin to keep yourself in a good positive mood, as well as your body functioning at its peak.

Final Thoughts on The CoronaVirus

While the coronavirus sounds scary, more and more it is looking like people in their 70s and older are having the most difficult time. Children seem to be doing okay, it is people with compromised immune systems, or older people who’s immune systems in particular their lungs, have weakened that appear to be having the most difficult time. Follow these simple steps to keep your immune system strong, and even in the rare event that you contract the virus, your immune system will most likely handle it like any other flu virus.


Yours in good health,

– Dr. E


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