Not One F but Four F’s! by WJ Vincent II

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Not One F but Four F’s! by WJ Vincent II

Not One F but Four F’s!!!

As a parent, one of our biggest fears is our children failing in school.  The dreaded “F” is still around, and still has a tremendously negative connotation.  So for our company it is funny how we don’t just have one “F” we have four, and that is actually a good thing!  Read more to find out why in this week’s blog!

Fitness, Finances, Family, and Fun

Those of you who have been around awhile know that we have four core “F’s” that guide us as a company and a community.  We look at “F’s” in a positive light, because they are four areas all of us should be focused on in order to not just be successful but fulfilled in both our business and our lives.  Let’s break it down for the many new people who have joined our growing community in the last few months.


We look at this as a pillar of success.  The healthier we are, the more energy we have.  The more energy we have, the more it is possible for us to get done and enjoy on a daily basis.  Additionally maintaining a high level of fitness means less sick days, and higher productivity.  Eating healthier, exercising more, developing that high level of physical health means living longer giving us more time to achieve our goals on both a business and a personal level.  Here is a great article from Corporate Wellness Magazine on the benefits in the workplace…Click Here


Okay, many of us grew up hearing all kinds of things like money doesn’t buy happiness, money is the root of all evil, or money is a bad thing etc., etc., etc., but we need to stop kidding ourselves.  The reality of the world we all live in is that money is a means to providing almost every aspect of life that matters.  The amount of money we have determines the quality of the foods we eat, the healthcare we receive, the vacations that we can take, the clothing that we wear, the places that we live.  Having strong finances assures that we have access to the best that life has to offer.  It means we can give back to support causes that matter to us, and that we can be truly “free” to do the things that we want, with the people that we want, on the timeline that we prefer.  So taking care of our finances is an important aspect of business and life without a doubt.  Getting your money to work for you is one of the best ways to live a life that is truly “free”.  If you want to you can read up on an article from Motley Fool about how to get money working for you…Click Here.


Few things in life will provide you with more joy or pain than family.  Figure out how to build quality relationships with your spouse, children, and relatives, and your metric for happiness and satisfaction in your life will rise exponentially.  Fail to put the appropriate time and learning necessary to do this successfully and life can quickly go down the tubes.  We have found that an unhappy family life can have hugely negative impacts on virtually every aspect of our business and life.  This is often something that is “sacrificed” on the road to wealth, but we believe and teach a philosophy here that emphasizes the importance of valuing family, while on the journey.  Otherwise when you get where you are going, nobody will be there with you to enjoy it!  Learn about 10 Benefits of Family Here.


Many times we find that people either practice this one too much, or not enough.  Both of those mistakes can have a negative impact on your business and life.  It is extremely important to take moments along the journey to enjoy.  It is a good idea to have short-term goals in place that allow you the opportunity to celebrate milestones of achievement.  On the other hand, if we start taking too much time off, too early or inappropriately we can undo the momentum we may have invested a lot of time and energy into creating.  Figuring out how to truly enjoy what we are doing is one of the great recipes for success.  Learning how to spread that joy throughout our companies and businesses is even more important.  Employees that have fun on the job stay longer and produce more.  And families that “play” together “stay” together!  Here is a fun article about squeezing more joy out of life with your money…Click Here!


“May we think of freedom not as the right to do as we please, but as the opportunity to do what is right.” – Peter Marshall

Here’s to Empowering your dreams, Igniting Your Passion, and Accelerating Your Prosperity!


WJ Vincent II


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About the author, WJ

WJ Vincent II is a life long entrepreneur who has been building businesses from start-up to success for almost 30 years. Some of those businesses have been as diverse as lake-shore development in northern Wisconsin and Minnesota, day trading, advertising, telecommunications, internet, health and nutrition, as well as environmental products.