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TriplePLife Nutrition by Dr. Eddie Hall

Launching our Partnership With Nutri-Dyn

What’s up Triple P NATION!!!! Hoping everyone had a great holiday season and have their goals finished up so your locked and loaded to crush 2021!!

I’m very excited about the topic today as I have used these things personally and with thousands of people around the US to improve their health and wellbeing. These days Americans are prolific users of various forms of “alternative medicine.” In reality this “alternate” they speak of was here long before modern medicine came about as we know it today. There was no big pharma with the commercials and new prescriptions coming out each and every day for the next thing to save the human race. I have been noticing since everything with the VIRUS happening in March that more and more people are realizing that they need to start taking care of themselves better to prevent illness and disease from being able to invade their bodies. The realization is starting to become evident it’s not bad genes, bad germs, or bad luck!!!! It is bad choices that have gotten us to become so vulnerable that these diseases can overtake our bodies and hurt us. Did you realize that almost 95% of chronic illnesses that are killing people each and every day are preventable? How you ask? If it were a drug problem, we wouldn’t have these problems in our society, because our nation consumes the most prescription drugs than any other nation and over 5 million dollars a minute are spent on drugs in the United States. So, thinking logically, this shows us we can spend this amount of money on drugs and the US is still the sickest country in the world with more people dying of chronic illness than ever before!!

Plant Analogy
Think of it like this; what is happening to a wilting plant? It’s simple its sick it’s not getting its nutritional needs met to thrive therefore it is dying. When we give this plant water, sunlight, and nutrients, which is the same thing humans need to thrive; it begins to bounce back to its vibrant self. For any living organism to thrive it must have water, sunlight, nutrients, and be free of toxicity.

What I love about writing this is now we at Triple P are going to be offering you the same products and protocols we have used on ourselves and with many others to maximize health and function, and all you have to do is visit our website. We will be able to offer you special discounts and easy shipping right to your home or office. I will also be personally offering a service to our listeners for one on one nutritional consults which I have been doing through other platforms for many years now. There will be DNA testing to see nutritional deficits, health questionnaires, and much more to see exactly where you are and develop a plan to get your body to maximize health and performance.

What Most People Don’t Know
Most people will go and buy supplements from companies that are actually creating more harm than good. The supplement industry is like the wild wild west!! This market is not tightly regulated, and therefore consumers may not even be buying the products they think they are getting. I can go in my basement and “create” a cancer saving drug full of sugar pills make a fancy label and sell it on amazon. With the proper marketing strategies, I could make money from people not really knowing what they are buying. I mean how would most consumers even know the difference?

Our New Partnership
We have begun a partnership with Nutridyn who have been making the cleanest nutritional supplements since 1973. This company truly makes top notch products that are bioavailable to the human body to increase the body’s ability to function and regain and more importantly maintain health.

Nutri-Dyn takes your health very seriously. Over its 40-plus years of existence it has assembled a team of dedicated staff with over 250 collective years of education and experience. Nutri-Dyn doesn’t just chase the next hot supplement trend but makes a concerted effort to stay on top of current research. By following this link to their web-site, you can explore the kind of information and resources that they make available to their customers in an effort to keep them well-informed.

And although you may see Nutri-Dyn products being sold on the web, it is good to remember that many of those sellers are not Nutri-Dyn licensed providers. Licensing it’s providers is a key way that Nutri-Dyn works to control the quality of the products going to its customers.

The 5 Markers Of Quality

In the world of Nutri-Dyn there are 5 Markers of True Quality:
CGMP Certification – The National Products Association (NPA) has embraced the Current Good Manufacturing Practices developed by the FDA for dietary supplements (21 CFR 111). The NPA now has both CGMP and CGMP Sports certifications designed to help consumers identify safe and high-quality companies. Nuti-Dyn and its related companies are proud to be included on both of those lists.

Scientific Evaluation – Making sure that the ingredients of a product are both pure and consistent requires third-party scientific oversight. Nutri-Dyn is fully committed to such procedures.
Safety Reviews – Just because nutritional supplements aren’t regulated in the same way as pharmaceuticals doesn’t mean that their development shouldn’t be subjected to rigorous manufacturing standards. Maintaining CGMP and CGMP Sports certifications involves regular third-party on-site safety reviews and inspections.

Human Clinical Evaluations – Through the Functional Medicine Research Center SM clinical trials ensure that only products with demonstrated efficacy are marketed through Nutri-Dyn. The Center’s 50 full-time MDs and other doctoral-level scientists ensure that these trials are conducted with great scientific rigor. Nutri-Dyn also partners with such prestigious institutions as Harvard Medical Center, Harvard Research Center, Emery University, Joslin Medical Center, and the UCLA Research Center, to name a few.

Future Product Development – The MetaProteomics Nutrigenomics Research Center is a high-quality facility where experienced and highly-credentialed staff operate a cell culture lab, plant and chemistry lab, analysis and molecular biology labs. It is Nutri-Dyn’s goal to continue bringing consumers products that they can fully trust.
Not everyone needs to use nutritional supplements. But if you are someone who benefits from their use, why not get them through the only triple certified company, the one that pays the highest level of attention to scientifically based quality and control?

Why Nutri-Dyn? The real question should be that if it is supplements you desire, Why Not Nutri-Dyn? Especially when you can get it through TriplePLife!
TriplePLife Nutrition thru Nutri-Dyn

Here’s to Empowering your dreams, Igniting Your Passion, and Accelerating Your Prosperity!


Dr. Eddie Hall


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