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Why Strong Leadership is essential For A Dynamic And Successful Business Culture

By Dr. Jay LaGuardia | 04/01/2019

Everyone is capable of being a great leader. Leadership is not an inherent trait but rather its a learned skill.…


Living Right For Your Species Type With Dr James Chestnut

By Dr. Jay LaGuardia | 03/25/2019

You have been selected over millennia to genetically express psychological health more than you”ll ever need, to experience a wonderful…


How to Accelerate Your Prosperity with Justin Zoromski

By Dr. Jay LaGuardia | 03/18/2019

Creating a wealth mindset is the first step to attracting more wealth into your life. How do you do that?…


28 Laws of Attractability With Dr. Janice Hughes

By Dr. Jay LaGuardia | 03/11/2019

We are constantly having a dialogue with ourselves. Unfortunately most of our thoughts are negative and disempowering. As a result…


Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Entrepreneurialship (Part 2)

By Dr. Jay LaGuardia | 03/04/2019

This is part 2 of my interview with entrepreneurial expert Ben Zugay. We explore the mindset entrepreneurs need to adopt…


Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Entrepreneurialship (Part 1)

By Dr. Jay LaGuardia | 02/25/2019

Being an entrepreneur can be a challenge to say the least. This week we look at what it takes to…


How Masterminds Can Radically Improve Our Personal And Professional Life With DRs. Tom And Steve

By Dr. Jay LaGuardia | 02/18/2019

Personal growth is a quality shared by people who want the most life has to offer. To expand our minds…


Transforming Health and Longevity Consciousness Worldwide With Dr. Eric Plasker

By Dr. Jay LaGuardia | 02/11/2019

Did you know Centenarians are the fasted growing portion of our population. Why is it that? Living to be 100…


How To Pursue Your Passion And Overcome Rejection With Anthony LaGuardia

By Dr. Jay LaGuardia | 02/04/2019

Today is a very special episode for me. I interview my son Anthony who is a professional performer and actor.…


How To Pursue Your Goals While Balancing Career And Family With Dr Lona Cook

By Dr. Jay LaGuardia | 01/28/2019

What should we be focusing on to maximize our well-being? Is today’s health care system really concerned about health or…


Killing Sacred Cows With Garrett Gunderson

By Dr. Jay LaGuardia | 01/21/2019

One of the most common New Year resolutions people make is to improve their finances. On this weeks show learn…


Social Media Made Me Rich With Dr Mathew Loop

By Dr. Jay LaGuardia | 01/14/2019

Many people know social media is an important tool to expand your business and grow your brand. On this weeks…


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