Preserving Wealth and Protecting Your Future with Garrett Gunderson

Two months ago 92% of Americans felt very confident about their long-term financial future. In just 6 weeks everything we once felt good about has been turned upside down. Now that we find ourselves stuck in a world of financial uncertainty, what are we to do? Garrett Gunderson Best Selling-Author of the book, Killing Sacred Cows tells us that personal responsibility and financial intelligence are the keys to not only surviving but to ultimately prospering during uncertain times. 

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About the author, Dr. Jay LaGuardia

Dr. Jay LaGuardia has spent over 20 years teaching, coaching, and training patients and chiropractors alike the keys to a better life. Having built several successful business, and improved the health and quality of life of thousands of patients, Dr. Jay LaGuardia now focuses on helping people from all walks of life to achieve all their hopes and dreams.