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I want You To Be Apart of The Show

By Dr. Jay LaGuardia | 08/25/2022

We want you to be apart of our 4th anniversary celebration of the podcast. Take a quick listen to see…


How Important is Resistance Training to Your Health & Longevity?

By Dr. Jay LaGuardia | 08/22/2022

As we age, it’s more important to maintain your muscle mass and strength, which is directly related to blood flow…


An Ancient Tool for A Better You!

By Dr. Jay LaGuardia | 08/16/2022

When I hired my first business coach I thought I would learn everything necessary to grow my business but what…


Could Natural Supplements Soon Be Banned?

By Dr. Jay LaGuardia | 08/08/2022

There is currently a bill in the Senate to eliminate your freedom to purchase supplements. This bill would give big…


Prosperity & Abundance Are Part of Our Spiritual Journey

By Dr. Jay LaGuardia | 08/01/2022

What if I told you that being prosperous and abundant is a part of our spiritual journey? According to Pastor…


Optimizing Your Health & Performance w/Triple P Nutrition

By Dr. Jay LaGuardia | 07/25/2022

I have been using nutritional support products for 40 years. Some very good products however most are simply garbage. According…


Synthetic Meat, A Revolutionary Breakthrough or A Political Tool?

By Dr. Jay LaGuardia | 07/18/2022

What we put into our bodies plays a major role in our health and longevity. Many people like Bill Gates…


The 7 Virtues of a Happy Marriage

By Dr. Jay LaGuardia | 07/11/2022

The amount of people getting married is in decline. Why is that? There are many reasons but the most important…


2 Powerful Strategies That Will Expand Your Money Mindset

By Dr. Jay LaGuardia | 07/04/2022

I have yet to meet someone who doesn’t want to improve their personal and business finances.  A term often used…


Does Time Heal All Wounds?

By Dr. Jay LaGuardia | 06/27/2022

It has been roughly 2.5 years since the onset of the pandemic. Which means we now have significant evidence-based research…


10 Steps to Improve Your Sleep, Health and Performance

By Dr. Jay LaGuardia | 06/20/2022

To maximize our health and performance, getting the right amount of sleep is essential. The average adult needs 7-9 hours…


10 Things You Need to Do to Improve Your Health & Quality of Life

By Dr. Jay LaGuardia | 06/13/2022

High achievers are always looking for ways to improve their overall performance, production and health. This week I discuss some…


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