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How Inflation Undermines Your Wealth

By Dr. Jay LaGuardia | 04/05/2021

It’s hard to escape the financial impact of the pandemic. The stock market has crashed and risen many times, unemployment…


Game Of Death: A Survivors Guide To Entrepreneurship With Cornell Thomas

By Dr. Jay LaGuardia | 03/29/2021

If 2020 has taught us anything it’s so many things we took for granted and assume would remain a constant…


Should You Ever Quit?

By Dr. Jay LaGuardia | 03/22/2021

Quitting is often shrouded in negativity but is that always the case. This week we discuss when quitting is a…


Remote Work Here to Stay?

By Dr. Jay LaGuardia | 03/15/2021

Many things have changed in one year, some forever. According to new employment research, remote work will persist. Why is…


How to Utilize Partnerships to Accelerate Your Prosperity

By Dr. Jay LaGuardia | 03/08/2021

One of the best business advice I ever got was, “You can’t do a good deal with a bad partner.…


The GOAT Lives a TriplePLife?

By Dr. Jay LaGuardia | 03/01/2021

We discuss the merits of living a triplePlife which is about empowering your dreams, igniting your passions and accelerating your…


F45 Team Training, Life Changing

By Dr. Jay LaGuardia | 02/25/2021

Living through the challenging times that we do, it is hard to find stories that inspire us. That is why…


7 Steps To Help You Break Free from Your Excuses

By Dr. Jay LaGuardia | 02/22/2021

Excuses are easy, actions are hard! At some point we all have experienced failure, it is a part of life.…


6 Masters Enlighten Us with Their Life Changing Knowledge & Wisdom

By Dr. Jay LaGuardia | 02/15/2021

Recently I hosted our 2021 kickoff virtual Summit which featured 6 amazing coaches in their field of expertise. On this…


Stop the Madness and Regain Control of Your Life

By Dr. Jay LaGuardia | 02/08/2021

I learned that controlling anything outside ourselves is an illusion. We live in a world that is going through major…


10 Steps to Eliminate Conflict in Your Business & Life

By Dr. Jay LaGuardia | 02/01/2021

In a world that seems to thrive on conflict it is no wonder why so many of us feel mentally…


Why January 30th Might Be The Most Important Day of 2021

By Dr. Jay LaGuardia | 01/25/2021

One of the biggest predictors of success is the network of people we surround ourselves with. Our network can either…


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