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The Crisis No One Is Fixing!!! by WJ Vincent II

Neon Arrow Pointing Down

The Crisis No One Is Fixing by WJ Vincent II Why? Let’s face it, ever since the “Pandemic” hit, it has been one thing after another with issues for businesses to try and overcome. Unfortunately, many bad decisions have been made, and some of the most important aspects of the lock downs, are being ignored.…

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A Drunk Driver Changed Everything… by Chris Koopman

Car Smashed In Front

A Drunk Driver Changed Everything Christopher Koopman    Contributor: PowerPassionProsperity When I was in high school, I had all the hopes of going to a Division 1 college on full scholarship for lacrosse. I played lacrosse my entire life and was fortunate to make the varsity lacrosse team in my high school in 9th grade. I…

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Liberal Vs Conservative by WJ Vincent II

Bird Between Two Flowers

Liberal Vs Conservative by WJ Vincent II Which Do You Prefer? OKay… Relax… Take A Deep Breath… We are NOT going to talk politics…juicy as that topic could get here, what we do want to discuss is are you Liberal or Conservative with how you Manage a Team? Specifically, do you maintain tight control, or…

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Did You See This? by WJ Vincent II

Bam Adebayo and His Mom

Did You See This? by WJ Vincent II Greatness On Display Tuesday Night What is up everyone?!?!  So for this week’s blog we decided to do a little current spotlight on something that happened in sports. We know that a lot of us have been frustrated with all the politics getting mixed up into our…

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VIP Virtual MasterMind Recap by WJ Vincent II

Hands Handcuffed

VIP Virtual MasterMind Recap by WJ Vincent II Success Mindset – Level Two Hello Everyone, welcome to this week’s Blog…where today we cover a little bit of the information Dr. Jay LaGuardia shared today on the Inner Circle VIP Virtual MasterMind which this week was “Success Mindset – Level Two”. Now ordinarily you have to…

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