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The State Of Stuck by Dr. Jay LaGuardia

Truck Stuck In The Mud

Stuck In A Rut – The State of Stuck If your office or business has decreased or plateaued, then you are most likely in the state of stuck. Here are some tips to get you back into the game again. Off Purpose And/Or Lost Focus We have forgotten our mission or do not have one.…

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Commitment To Self by Dr. Jay LaGuardia

Two Hands Making A Heart

Commitment To Self = Self-Love We know that defining our values is an important step, which helps reveal our true authentic-self. Another important value that most people know is essential to living our highest purpose is commitment. Our life is full of commitments. Everyday we are choosing to honor our commitments or not. We have…

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Negotiate Like A Billionaire by Dr. Jay LaGuardia

Two People's Hands at a Desk

Negotiate Like A Billionaire You have finally found that dream car you have always wanted at the local dealership. It’s all bright and shiny, just as you imagined. Now comes the hard part…the negotiation. If you were like me, this part of the car buying process was so revolting it would literally make you nauseous.…

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