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Work Less, Get More Done… by WJ Vincent II

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History Shows Many Who Worked Less, Got More Done There is a book out there called “Shorter” by Alex Soojung-Kim Pang and it discusses companies all over the world who are embracing the idea of a 4 Day Work Week, and Reaping Massive rewards and success as a result. Obviously, only people who can be…

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Drinking This Can Kill You! by Dr. Eddie Hall

  Stop Drinking This Now!!! It Can Kill You! So being in full time practice and taking care of a large number of patients, I am hearing more frequently than ever, “Hey Doc I’m getting healthy I switched to diet soda!”. So this makes sense in a person’s head because hey less “sugar, calories” must…

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Do you think Micro or Macro? by Chris Koopman

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Do you think Micro or Macro? Christopher Koopman    Contributor: PowerPassionProsperity I have been in the Financial space since 2003.  When I reflect on the early years of my career, I think how grateful I was to have had incredible mentors.  My stepfather has been in the financial industry for over 45 years.  If it was…

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