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Happy Thanksgiving 2020 by Dr. Jay LaGuardia

4 hands Toasting Thanksgiving Wine at Table

Happy Thanksgiving Message 2020 by Dr. Jay LaGuardia Finding Gratitude It seems somewhat gratuitous (no pun intended) to be talking about finding gratitude during very difficult times. There has likely never been a year like 2020. Perhaps those who lived through World War II would argue otherwise. However, with things like the pandemic, economic hardship,…

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If You Think So… by Dr. Jay LaGuardia

Man Thinks Above City

If You Think So… by Dr. Jay LaGuardia Life’s Journey Life’s journey is an amazing ride, if you think so. It’s a blessing to be able to experience the variety of emotions along the way. I know you’re thinking, “I can do without the pain, heartache and tragedies,” which I get. However, if we don’t…

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Post Election RULES by WJ Vincent II

I Voted Sticker

Post Election RULES by WJ Vincent II Do You know Them? #1 – Regardless of whether your candidate, party, or cause was victorious, do not gloat or brag. While this may be enjoyable, it only creates dissension, and further difficulties for people to come together when they have different ideologies. #2 – Recognize that whether…

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The Crisis No One Is Fixing!!! by WJ Vincent II

Neon Arrow Pointing Down

The Crisis No One Is Fixing by WJ Vincent II Why? Let’s face it, ever since the “Pandemic” hit, it has been one thing after another with issues for businesses to try and overcome. Unfortunately, many bad decisions have been made, and some of the most important aspects of the lock downs, are being ignored.…

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