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The Importance Of Electrolytes by Dr. Eddie Hall

gatorade bottles

The Importance of Electrolytes I get asked all too often about replenishing electrolytes from patients. As a result, I thought this would be a valuable topic to introduce to the Triple P Nation. We all should be pushing our bodies through exercise daily expending our electrolytes from excessive fluid loss. When We Were Kids You…

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“Potential” Means Nothing by WJ Vincent II

woman stretching

Potential Means Nothing Many years ago I learned from a very successful person, that “Potential” was just a fancy word meaning one hadn’t done “shi- yet”. I will leave it to you to fill in the blank there, however the point was that while potential was great, it was absolutely meaningless if a person never…

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Impulse Vs. Intention by Dr. Jay LaGuardia

Man Smashing Guitar

An Important Reminder I was reminded recently while working with one of our amazing TriplePConsulting clients that most of our stress is self-induced and can be mitigated and sometimes entirely avoided. It just takes want too, know-how and a desire to grow personally. Think back to a time in which you reacted impulsively to a…

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