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A 95 Billion Dollar Mistake! by WJ Vincent II

Money On Fire

A 95 Billion Dollar Mistake So today we thought we would share one of the great “history” lessons from business.  We have a great deal of coronavirus information, strategies, and more to share and discuss, but let’s take a break from that this week, and just try and learn something useful during any time of…

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Coranavirus Myth vs Reality by WJ Vincent II

surgery room with doctors and nurses

Coronavirus Myth vs Reality One thing that has become immediately clear the last couple weeks is that the FEAR of the coronavirus is much worse than the virus itself. People have panic shopped items like toilet paper, hand sanitizer, and masks into oblivion. Even in a conservative, easygoing, slower paced city like Eau Claire, this…

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Don’t Make This Mistake With Your Retirement! by Chris Koopman

Gold Bars and Gold Coins

Don’t Make This Mistake With Your Retirement – Protection First Christopher Koopman    Contributor: PowerPassionProsperity When engineering a sustainable wealth building financial strategy, there are many factors that one must consider, but for simplicity let’s break it down into two areas I identify as “Phase 1” and “Phase 2”. In Phase 1, the focus should be…

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5 Ways To Beat The Coronavirus by Dr. Eddie Hall

Two Women Walking in Medical Masks

  5 Ways To Beat The Coronavirus After the last week of hearing the panic over the coronavirus I thought it was time to write a blog expressing why everyone should “CALM” down, and share some ways to protect your body from contracting not only coronavirus, but all viruses. I was bombarded with questions from…

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