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From The Desk of Dr. Jay LaGuardia
Hello TriplePNation, This week I would like to introduce once again one of our outstanding co-founders Dr. Eddie Hall. For those of you who are regular consumers of the PowerPassionProsperity Podcast you know Eddie is my part time co-host. He has become a favorite for many of our listeners. Dr Eddie has offered many value bombs for the TriplePLife community. This week he shares powerful health information Enjoy!
Dr. Jay

Pain is frequently associated with injury to muscles, tendons, ligaments,
bursae, discs and joints. While it is unlikely to live completely free of
these common aches and pains, it is possible to decrease the severity,
frequency, and duration. There are 4 general rules o accomplish this goal.

1. MAINTAIN – the biomechanics of your body. This requires a spinal
check up similar to getting your teeth or eyes checked. You don’t only get
your teeth checked when you experience discomfort the same goes with
your spine. Its much easier to be proactive in keeping the spine properly
moving and aligned than it is to let it go until you start experiencing
symptoms. Getting regular maintenance checkups keeps your spine in
bio-mechanical alignment before any problem becomes clinical.

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2. MOVE WELL – Regular exercise. the spine needs movement as I have
mentioned before it is an ESSENTIAL nutrient to maintain your overall
health and well being. All joints need motion to assist in repair and
maintenance of your spine. Stretching to maintain a full range of motion
should be done daily with at least 20-30 minutes of any types of exercise.
Do it on your own, in a group, take a class, but whatever you do make it
fun so that you will keep looking forward to doing it. Research tells us
that joint motion brings nutrients the body needs for maintenance and
removes waste products generated by normal activity; as well as a joint
that is not moving freely will start to degenerate in as early as 24-48

3. THINK WELL – As I mention often find ways to keep your stress levels
low. Practicing positive affirmations, meditations, and/or visualizations
to encourage positive self talk to keep the stress levels low. Chronic
stress causes our brain to send messages to our adrenal glands which in
turn release hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline to activate our
fight or flight response which in turn creates increase in muscular
tension and producing misalignments of bone causing nervous system
interference and could lead to degeneration if left immobilized for long
periods of time.

Fruits and Veggies laid out nicely

What we put into our body determines what it gives us in
return. You wouldn’t put corn oil into a high performance Ferrari and
expect it to run as it was intended to right? OF COURSE NOT. A lot of
Americans are suicidal shoppers in that we make bad decisions with
what we get from the grocery stores. Your body will only maintain and
rebuild most effectively based on the nutrients it has available. The
solution is simple and only requires a little planning. Avoid junk foods,
fast foods, and processed foods. Buy high quality foods that are natural
and organic from the farmers market or from a Whole Foods Market.
Supplement for the 3 things that the majority of people are deficient in
Omega 3 Fish Oil, Vitamin D, and Probiotics. Watch where you buy your
supplements, as all are not equal, and the old adage is you get what you
pay for. We offer pharmaceutical grade supplements that contain 100%
of what it says it has in it, as opposed to buying it at a pharmacy where
the research shows us that supplements could contain only 10% of what
it says it has in it.

All this comes down to the fact that the body is self-healing, self-
regulating, and if you aren’t healing there is a reason and not because
you woke up with a medication deficiency one morning. Use these 4
simple steps to avoid pain, and live the healthy happy life you deserve.
Get moving and exercise, find ways to reduce/eliminate stress, put the
right food into your body, and see your chiropractor for a tune up to clear
your nervous system of interference so that it can maintain proper nerve
function and communication.

Yours in good health,

– Dr. E

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