3 Steps To Creating More Fun In The Workplace

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There have been many blogs and articles written about how stressful the workplace has become and how few organizations are having any fun. While there is empirical data to support these findings, the question I want to ask is…does it really matter?

Let me tell you without question the answer is a resounding yes!

When the workplace is fun and people enjoy what they do, it impacts everything. Productivity increases, the energy improves, morale is better, and people are literally healthier. We all know how important that is for absentee rates and healthcare costs. However, what can we do to create more fun in the workplace?

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3 Simple Steps To More Workplace Fun

1. Appoint a CFO

Begin by appointing a CFO, A Chief Fun Officer. This is the person that is always upbeat, has great energy and is creative. They can begin by surveying the department or team about what they enjoy doing. They could implement some fun days that get everyone involved. An example would be Favorite treat Fridays. Almost everyone loves food.

2. Start Workplace Stretching

If you are a company whose employees work is highly sedentary try implementing some fitness. Like where each employee stands at their station and does some simple stretches to fun music for three minutes. If that’s not possible, do it before work begins or right after lunch. This easy tool is a game changer to help refocus the mind and increase blood flow.

3. Purchase A Workplace Ping Pong Table

Purchase a ping-pong table for the break room. This low cost investment tells your employees you are serious about making the workplace fun.

Show Them you are “Serious” about more “Fun”…

Two People Playing Ping Pong at Work

These are just a few of many potential options that can make the workplace a fun environment.

When the alarm clock goes off in the morning we want our employees thinking, “Thank God I get to go to work today” and not “Oh God help me, I have to go to work today.”

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