Did You See This? by WJ Vincent II

Bam Adebayo and His Mom

Did You See This? by WJ Vincent II

Greatness On Display Tuesday Night

What is up everyone?!?!  So for this week’s blog we decided to do a little current spotlight on something that happened in sports. We know that a lot of us have been frustrated with all the politics getting mixed up into our sports escape, in fact many of us haven’t been watching sports like we used to, because it no longer provides the getaway it used to. Well this week, I personally saw something amazing, and then learned more about a particular player in the NBA, and the story, event, and highlight was just too good not to share. All of us can use a little inspiration in our lives now and then, and the story of Bam Adebayo is one to just sit back for a moment and enjoy.

The Story behind NBA Player Bam Adebayo

If you want to know a lot about this player, you can click the link on his name above for a great article by one of the premier sports writers, but let me summarize it all for you. Bam grew up in a Trailer, raised by a single mom, who couldn’t drive. His mom worked full time at a place called the Acre Station Meat Farm…because she didn’t drive, she walked to work every day. She made Bam breakfast every day at 5:45 AM…sent him off to school…then walked to work. Many times when Bam would get home from basketball practice she would already be asleep. Her weekly paycheck was $240…she had to get coaches, teachers, etc., to help with driving Bam to practices, making sure he got where he needed to be…and stayed away from the places he shouldn’t.

I will be rooting for Bam…for the rest of his career, because he represents the kind of story all of us should be able to get behind. His mom “worked” to give him a better life. His mom took the time to get other people to support her son. She demanded he get good grades, she demanded he be a good person, she laid the foundation for Bam to take the talent he was blessed with, and turn it into something amazing. From Trailer Park, to Multi-Millionaire, to potential historically great player, all because Bam’s mom chose to NOT be a victim…and instead make the best she could with difficult circumstances.

Did You See It?

Here is the play from Tuesday night, with only a few seconds on the clock, one of the best offensive players in the NBA drives to the hoop for a Slam Dunk…and Bam jumps right up and using his left hand makes a perfect block…Magic Johnson was quoted saying it was one of the greatest defensive plays in NBA Playoff history!

Greatness Happening Right Now

So I hope each and every one of you takes a moment to think about the journey of a hard working, not afraid to do the work, focused on defense, rebounding, blocking shots, hustling, whatever it takes to win the game Bam Adebayo. His mom walked to work every day cause she couldn’t drive, but she made sure her son had a chance at a better life, despite her difficult circumstances. The Miami Heat got really lucky when they drafted this kid. They weren’t supposed to beat the Milwaukee Bucks, but they did. The Boston Celtics are supposed to beat them, but thanks to Bam’s heroics they have won the first of a Best of 7 series. I dunno how much, if any of the games I will actually end up watching, but I will be keeping an eye out on Bam, cause he is the kind of person you root for to succeed. Hope you enjoyed watching an amazing play, and hearing about an incredible story, where a kid from a trailer park, becomes one of the most dynamic athletes in the world today, because of a mom that loved him, and chose to NOT be a victim of circumstance!

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