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Facebook Ads versus Google Ads

This is one of the great debates taking place right now across all platforms, businesses, markets, countries, regions, etc. regarding where marketing dollars should go. The good news is both of them provide great value for any type of business today. One of the key questions often asked by the business owner segment of Triple P Nation is which one is better? While both do provide excellent value, which one is going to be the best really depends on what your goals from your advertising are.

Google AdWords Advantages

Google Ads, better known as Adwords, is Google’s billion-dollar revenue generator. The ad network allows businesses of any size and individuals to place ads in the search results and on websites in Google’s network (more than 3 million websites and counting).

Ads appear at the top of the Google search results and often at the bottom of each page. These paid ads look similar to organic listings but have an “Ad” icon in green before the copy. You might think that this labeling of the search results would deter people from clicking. In reality, something like 60% of people either do not notice the difference between organic results and paid search results, or simply do not care. In actuality ads on search results pages get more clicks than organic results do.

As a general rule, Google Adwords is a better choice for advertising to users near the end of their buying process. The people who will “click” on your ads are people actively “searching” for something relevant to the keywords you chose. While Google does not offer anywhere near the targeting specificity that Facebook does, there is intrinsic value in getting to place your ad right in front of people ready to make a buying decision right now.

Facebook Ad Advantages

Facebook Ads are not based on keywords. You can advertise to anyone you like whenever and however you want (as long as they are using Facebook).

In a way, Facebook Ads are more like traditional advertising where you are exposed to advertising even when you have no intention of buying. Most people are not using Facebook to buy products or find answers to questions so ads on the network essentially interrupt the user’s experience much like “commercials” have interrupted television shows for years.

Facebook offers scarily detailed targeting options. As an example if you wanted to advertise to 25 to 45-year-old males, earning $100k or more, that like fitness, own their own home, have no debt, and are living within a few block radius of say downtown Minneapolis, MN or any other city for that matter, you can! The value in this is that you can make sure your ad is only shown to the exact type of people most likely to be interested in what your product, service, or information is. As your business gathers more and more data on the types of people who like your offerings, you can continue to refine and select a more and more accurate audience for everything that you do. The challenge with Facebook is that they completely change the rules, and procedures regularly. What works one week, might not work at all the following week. It is a constantly changing situation that requires much higher maintenance than a Google AdWords Campaign.

Some of the things that Facebook is great to advertise for are:
Brand awareness, Community engagement, Email list building, Lead generation, and Mobile advertising

Final Thoughts

In a perfect world, all of us would be able to just advertise all the time on both Google and Facebook getting us a diversified response to anything we are marketing. However, controlling costs is one of the most important aspects of developing a profitable business. As a result, we recommend that you carefully consider the goals of any advertising campaign that you start. It is also a good idea to be consistent with your advertising. Having a smaller regular budget daily is a far more effective way to advertise on both networks than one large ad a week or month.

Since most business owners and managers prefer to focus on growing their businesses, sometimes it is better to involve an expert in the advertising process. This can save you time, and money by utilizing their experience at capturing a maximum return on each dollar spent. Even if you don’t have your own business, understanding the value and power of both Google and Facebook advertising can help you provide a greater value in almost any job setting. We will continue to grow the number of resources, tools, and information available to you through the PowerPassionProsperity.Com website, podcast, webinars and more. If you haven’t already, look into scheduling an initial consultation with our amazing CEO Dr. Jay LaGuardia. He has a vision to help people and businesses all over the world to reach their maximum potential. I can think of no better way to accelerate your prosperity, than to work directly with someone who has already achieved massive success in business and life, and who is dedicated to helping others to do the same.

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