How Long Was She In A Coma? by WJ Vincent II

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How Long Was She In A Coma? by WJ Vincent II

The Longest A Person Was In A Coma And Then Woke Up…
The world record as far as I could find, was 27 Years.  For 27 years a person was in a Coma and then woke up.  Seems like a long time doesn’t it?  Except I know people who go through their Entire Lives In A Coma….

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There has been a famous television show on for years called “The Walking Dead”.  I have always thought of the show as a little bit of a metaphor about real life.  Most people are walking around, waiting to die.  Only a few people are really awake and trying to do something. One major difference between the show, and real life (besides all the zombie stuff of course), is that in real life people can and often do actually “Wake Up” from the coma that was previously their daily lives. Let’s take a look at four of the main areas of life we like to discuss here at TriplePLife.

There are so few things in life that contribute more to people living in an almost comatose like state than fitness.  As a society we are sitting now more than ever before.  We are eating highly processed, high sugar, foods on a regular basis.  The world at large now subscribes to daily information overload with everything from Tik Tok to Facebook on their mobile devices.  Even a large percentage of the people who exercise regularly, do so much damage in other ways, they are still walking around barely half awake.  The good news is that we can “Wake Up” anytime we choose to.  Eating better, moving more, sleeping well, and making sure you are getting important nutrients like Vitamin D can all contribute to your body and mind experiencing everything in life better.

Well this one can get downright depressing.  Because even people who are doing great financially, those who are earning well past Six Figures for example, a huge percentage of them are in a “Coma” like state when it comes to their finances.  Actually, it could be considered worse, because most people just pawn off their entire financial world to someone else.  Hoping that that person will take care of everything for them.  This is why we see stories every year about the latest famous writer, singer, actor, athlete, etc., that is suing their “Manager” for fraud, usually to the tune of millions of dollars that were embezzled right under their nose while they “sleep walked” through life with regards to their finances.  Recently we put together a Financial Freedom Summit that you can get access to below.  This summit is an incredible step, whether you are at the beginning of your financial journey, or nearing the end.  Putting some time in every day, reading, attending workshops, summits, seminars, spending time around people who are great with finances, these are all steps to “Awaken” from the comatose life so many people are living with their finances.  Something like 95% of all people will retire dependent on friends, family, or the federal government to get by.  Whoa…

I think this one might surprise people a little bit, because it is very common for people to have family very high on their priorities list.  The challenge here is that what most people consider being good to and with family, is nothing exceptional.  For most people it is just trying to survive the grind.  Wake the kids up, feed the kids, drop the kids off at school, pick the kids up, run the kids to their activities, pick the kids up, take the kids home, feed the kids, put the kids to bed, next day start all over.  A lot of relationships end up like this as well.  Stuck in a repetitive cycle that is really its own form of a “coma” if you will.  Lots of parents, lovers, spouses, friends, siblings, etc., try hard to spend Quantity time…when the most important thing is Quality time.  Being present, being ACTIVELY involved.  Mindlessly listening to our kids is different than actually hearing what our kids are saying.  Something more than just going through the motions, is what it takes to “wake up” and build a better, stronger family.

When was the last time you really and truly had some knock down, drag out, busting at the guts fun like you had as a kid?  I know some of you, are masters of this, and it is a regular thing.  So many of us though spend our valuable vacation time catching up on chores, cleaning out garages, and that sort of thing.  All of us only get so much free time in life.  Even those that are blessed to truly be free in life, still have to spend huge amounts of time doing things to live.  Most people have been in a coma for years when it comes to bigtime fun.  Remember, there is fun for the kids, and then there is fun for you.  So many of you have a valuable trait for life and success, which is diligence, and discipline.  Don’t forget the why of everything that we are doing though.  That why is what makes it all worthwhile, and we have to remember that, and take steps to avoid going comatose….to quote the famous Ferris Buehler

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”

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