Self-Made Multi-Billionaire Shares 5 Secrets by WJ Vincent II

Eric Yuan CEO and Founder Of Zoom

Self-Made Multi-Billionaire Founder of Zoom Eric Yuan

Today we share some amazing insights, information, and knowledge from the multi-billionaire founder of Zoom that is right the same Zoom service we use regularly in our businesses.  We have taken excerpts from a powerful interview conducted in 2017.

The Idea

As excerpted from an interview conducted by Yitzi Weiner you can find the complete interview here:
Full Interview With Eric Yuan Founder of Zoom

I first envisioned Zoom when I was a freshman in college in China and regularly took a ten-hour train ride to visit my girlfriend (who is now my wife). I detested those rides and used to imagine other ways I could visit my girlfriend without traveling — those daydreams eventually became the basis for Zoom.

The Funniest or Most Interesting Story From Starting The Company

During the early stages of Zoom, I personally emailed every customer who canceled our service. One customer replied to my note and accused me of sending auto-generated emails “impersonating” the CEO — he said Zoom was a dishonest company! I wrote back that the email was indeed from me, and that it wasn’t generated by one of our marketing tools. He still didn’t believe me, so I wrote back again and offered to meet him on a Zoom call right that minute to prove it was me writing the emails. That call never did take place, but he stopped accusing Zoom of being dishonest!

The Five Things I wish Somebody Told Me Before I Launched My Business

1. Although the start-up journey is long and tough, it’s also fun and exciting. Don’t be afraid to start — just go for it!

2. You don’t need to hire the people who are the most qualified on paper; instead you should hire those with self-motivation and a self-learning mentality.

3. Your company’s culture is the #1 most important thing to get right. Everything else flows from there.

4. If your employees are not happy, nothing else at your company will go well.

5. Find the investors who want to invest in you, not only in your business.

I was particularly impressed with his thoughts about hiring people with self-motivation and a self-learning mentality.  It is not surprising either that just like Dr. Jay teaches all the time to companies around the world, a company’s culture is the #1 most important thing to get right….great minds think alike!

There is much more to the story, and we would encourage you to read the rest of the interview if you can find the time. Here is the link once again:
Full Interview With Eric Yuan Founder of Zoom

Hope all of you have an empowering…full of learning week!

WJ Vincent


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