The Six Fears by WJ Vincent II

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The Six Fears by WJ Vincent II

Ever Read “Think And Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill?

It is one of the great books written on personal growth, self-development, and success.  If you are not familiar with it, basically a long time ago…Andrew Carnegie one of the wealthiest men in world history, challenged Napoleon Hill to interview all the greatest successful people of the time, using a letter from him as an introduction.  Napoleon took the challenge, and learned so much profound information, he extended the time he invested in it to many years.  He studied everyone from Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, Wrigley, you name it.  He also studied average people, and eventually he condensed it all down into a book that was then condensed down again into Think and Grow Rich.  The information within this book is priceless, and life changing, and one of the central themes is that there are Six main Fears…

What Are The Six Fears Discussed by Napoleon Hill?

  • Fear Of Poverty
  • Fear of Criticism
  • Fear of Health Problems
  • Fear of Losing the Love of Someone
  • Fear of Old Age
  • Fear of Death

Understanding How They Affect Us

Many people who have had next level success elude them, sometimes for years, do not realize that it is probably the Fear of Poverty, or the Fear of Criticism that are most likely holding them back.  The book “Think and Grow Rich” details these fears and how to overcome them. Right now because of Social Media…many people are afraid to say what they really think, or share how they really feel anymore.  Peer Pressure, Gang Insulting, Trolling, have all become favorite pastimes of way too many people. We are working on releasing some powerful training material to help people to evaluate how much these fears are effecting them in their business and lives.  The information we have learned over the years to overcome these fears is the type of information that can make all the difference in the world to anyone sincerely making a genuine effort to Do Better, Be Better, and Have Better in their life.  Keep an eye out for when we start releasing this information, in particular if you are a TriplePLife Inner Circle VIP Member!

Here’s to Empowering your dreams, Igniting Your Passion, and Accelerating Your Prosperity!


WJ Vincent II


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About the author, WJ

WJ Vincent II is a life long entrepreneur who has been building businesses from start-up to success for almost 30 years. Some of those businesses have been as diverse as lake-shore development in northern Wisconsin and Minnesota, day trading, advertising, telecommunications, internet, health and nutrition, as well as environmental products.