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Archive for September 2018

Dreaming Your way to Success

 Dreams are the images of the subconscious mind, waiting to be fulfilled. If you find yourself disconnected from your dreams or having difficulty reaching your dreams then learn the 5 steps that will help you identify and reach all your goals. Clarifying dreams + massive action is the formula to living a meaningful and…

Father in-law…Son in-law?

A perspective from two guys on opposite ends of the journey. Dr. Jay is already accomplished and successful while Dr. Eddie, his son in-law is just beginning his journey. Learn the lessons from two completely different perspectives and how they have created a relationship not based on the traditional in-laws roles but one of mentor…

PowerPassionProsperity w/Dr Jay

  Learn about Dr Jay and his mission. Why did he get into the world of podcasting? What is the PowerPassionProsperity podcast about and this thing called TriplePLife? Plus the mission and values of the show and how it can help you create more, health, wealth and happiness in your life. Check out this episode!