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Archive for December 2018

Moving at The Speed of Success

2019 Balloon and Champagne

 The start of a New Year is a great time adopt new habits, behaviors and actions. On this weeks show we discuss how you need to show up each day to attract the right people and opportunities to make 2019 your most best year. A few additional things you’ll learn, what is the #1…

Change Your Mind Change Your Destiny With Dr Jay LaGuardia

Dr. Jay Book Image

 On this weeks show Dr. Eddie Hall interviews Dr Jay our founder and host. Dr Jay shares with TriplePNation his single most important life lesson that can help you take control of your life. Also how adversity defines your character and why you need to embrace your challenges. You will also learn how to…

The Power Of Positivity With Cornell Thomas

Cornell Thomas PodCast Image

 Former professional athlete, author, speaker and World Changer Cornell Thomas shares his inspiring story. Learn how you can turn your disadvantages into advantages and how to overcome doubt to help you crush all your dreams. You will also learn how to get yourself out of the way to turn ordinary to extraordinary. Don’t miss…