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Breaking Free from Anxiety on All Levels with Dan Candell

Anxiety and stress are far to common in todays world. In fact it so common, that 20% of the population is on anti anxiety drugs. Anxiety is not genetic but learned. This week Dan Candell, The Anxiety Guy, shares how he helps people retrain their minds to eliminate all forms of anxiety. This empowers people…

Bankruptcy to Financial freedom With Kerri Birkley

This week Kerri Birkley, entrepreneur, wife and mother shares her inspirational story. She reveals how she went from bankruptcy to financial freedom, while identifying how she changed her mindset which turned her fortunes around. Her story will inspire and empower you with the knowledge to help you achieve all your dreams.  Check out this episode!

Disrupting America’s Failing Healthcare System With A.J Sherman

Most Americans know that today’s healthcare system is inefficient, ineffective and to expensive. This week AJ Sherman discusses how his company is disrupting the current model to help consumers and employers save money while providing greater access. How is that possible? Don’t miss this interview. Check out this episode!