A Mindset of Acceptance: How to Own Your Wins, Quiet Limiting Beliefs, and Reach Optimal Performance

Your mindset is as powerful a tool as you have at your disposal. Working on it, sharpening it, making it as strong and positive as you can will have compounding benefits throughout your career and life. 

One powerful mindset tool is acceptance, and in today’s episode, Dr. Jay welcomes former hockey player turned professional mindset coach Dr. Cassidy Preston to discuss the mindset of acceptance, and many more tools and tactics for keeping your mental game as sharp as possible. 

Dr. Cassidy Preston is a Mental Performance Coach that primarily works with professional athletes & high-performing executives. Cassidy is also the founder of CEP Mindset and is dedicated to shifting the culture of sport away from limiting beliefs and back towards the love of the game. Cassidy specializes in creating relatable and practical strategies by combining his personal experiences as a former OHL & PRO hockey player, with the current research in Sport & Performance Psychology. He continues to expand the CEP team of Mental Performance Coaches to help as many athletes as possible optimize their performance and well-being.

During their conversation, Dr. Cassidy shares his background and how he got into mindset coaching, before the two of them dive into how to get past limiting beliefs, types of motivation, staying connected to your why, acceptance of the range of results, owning the win, and much more.

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00:00 Introduction

00:22 Welcome

02:30 Success Snack

04:49 Cassidy’s Background

07:42 Why Mindset Coaches Have Gained Popularity

11:27 Getting Past Limiting Beliefs

15:00 Positivity Isn’t the End All Answer

18:34 Intentionality and Choice

22:58 Intrinsic vs Extrinsic Motivation

27:36 Being Disconnected from Your Why

34:36 Accepting the Range of Results

44:26 Applying Mindset Tactics to the Business World

49:22 Coping with Positive vs Negative Outcomes

52:59 Owning the Win

55:06 Cassidy’s Book and Where to Find Him

— — — — —

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