Building Strong Families: 10 Traits of Successful Fathers in 2023

Fatherhood is complicated especially in today’s modern culture which deems to minimize the importance of fathers in child rearing. Despite all that, Fathers have never been more important in helping raise emotionally, physically and spiritually healthy kids. I struggled at first to understand what it takes to be a good Father, as I lacked male role models growing up to show me the right way. However, after many missteps and screw ups I have learned over the last 34 years that there are some key traits that make Fatherhood incredibly rewarding. That will help you raise strong, independent, driven kids. I will discuss in depth each of these on this Fathers Dad week episode. 

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About the author, Dr. Jay LaGuardia

Dr. Jay LaGuardia has spent over 20 years teaching, coaching, and training patients and chiropractors alike the keys to a better life. Having built several successful business, and improved the health and quality of life of thousands of patients, Dr. Jay LaGuardia now focuses on helping people from all walks of life to achieve all their hopes and dreams.

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