Can You Give Too Much

We all (hopefully) want to be the kind of people who give freely to those around us. But how much giving is too much giving? At what point does trying to help others get in the way of helping yourself? And if you are past that point, how do you learn to say no, or not now, more often? 

In this week’s episode of Triple P Life, Dr. Jay tackles these questions head on. Starting with answering that question, can you give too much, before diving into how to be self aware of where you are at on the giving scale, how to align your giving with your core values, strategies for those who need to learn to say no more often, and much more. 

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Introduction (00:00)

Success Snack (01:02)

Can You Give Too Much (03:05)

Self Awareness and Alignment (06:16)

Reasons and Seasons (09:15)

Strategies to Say No (11:22)

Strategies for Self Care (14:42)

Wrap Up (18:40)

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About the author, Dr. Jay LaGuardia

Dr. Jay LaGuardia has spent over 20 years teaching, coaching, and training patients and chiropractors alike the keys to a better life. Having built several successful business, and improved the health and quality of life of thousands of patients, Dr. Jay LaGuardia now focuses on helping people from all walks of life to achieve all their hopes and dreams.

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