Future-Proof Leadership: AI’s Role in Shaping Tomorrow

In an era where artificial intelligence reshapes every facet of our lives, what does it mean to be a leader? In this week’s episode of Triple P Life, Dr. Jay welcomes Ed Watal to dive into what AI is, how it’s reshaping the world, and explore the intriguing intersections of technology and human insight, challenging us to rethink leadership in the digital age. 

Ed Watal is a Serial Tech Entrepreneur and Innovator. One of Ed’s key projects include a transformative peer-to-peer approach to the internet and promoting BigParser (an Ethical AI Platform and an A Data Commons for the World). Ed is also the founder and principal of Intellibus, an IT and AI strategy consultancy, where he is an advisor to Board Members and C Level executives at the World’s Largest Financial Institutions. Prior to setting up his own ventures, Ed worked in several financial institutions, including RBS, Deutsche Bank and Citigroup.

During their conversation Dr. Jay and Ed first define exactly what AI is and how it’s shaping our economy and employment, before then touching on the possibility of sentience, how leadership is mostly about creating space, AI’s impact on leadership and if/when it could replace a CEO, and a whole bunch more.

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Introduction (00:00)
Success Snack (01:03)
Triple P Nutrition Product of the Month: Power Greens (02:59)
Guest Intro (05:00)
Defining AI (05:31)
AI and Employment (07:23)
Is Sentience Possible (10:13)
Ed’s Background and Road to AI (13:08)
Leadership Is About the Nudge (15:00)
Attraction and Quantum Physics (18:13)
Intuition and How to Create It (21:05)
How Does AI Change Leadership (24:38)
Humans Blending with Machine (27:58)
Could AI Replace a CEO (30:01)
Digital Twins and AI Governance (34:55)
Where You Can Find More of Ed (40:08)
Business Leaders Need to Understand AI (41:50)
Defining Principled Policy (46:53)

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